2022 Virgil Thomson Award in Vocal in Music

15 February 2022

2022 Virgil Thomson Award in Vocal in Music

American Academy of Arts and Letters

Justin Dello Joio has been awarded the prestigious Virgil Thomson Award in Vocal Music. The biennial award, which carries a cash prize of $40,000, recognizes outstanding achievement in the composition of vocal works by an American composer.

2022 Virgil Thomson Award in Vocal Music
A composer who has consistently followed his own personal creative star, Dello Joio's unique musical craft results in thoughtful, emotional compositions such as his opera Blue Mountain and his vocal settings of texts by e. e. cummings and Rilke, which sparkle, resonate, reflect, and always celebrate their singers and instrumentalists. He unfolds nuanced, integrated, and expertly proportioned architectural forms. The dramatic landscapes he conjures are spellbinding.

May 18, 2022

Academy Award in Music
Justin Dello Joio's music is opulent, romantic, yet carefully formed. His Musica Humana, a dynamically and virtuosically scored tour-de-force, demonstrates his mastery of the orchestra: his Piano Sonata and Concert Etudes prove his comparable acumen for solo writing. A thoughtful and deeply learned composer, Justin's is a precise and individual body of work which nonetheless, in every measure, shows a deep understanding of the music that precedes his own. His standards are rigorous, and his taste refined.

May 19, 2004